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"You Inspire Me!" Shortbread Cookies Gift Tin

"You Inspire Me!" Shortbread Cookies Gift Tin

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The "You Inspire Me!" cookie tin is to be given to someone who has inspired, influenced, encouraged you or whom you greatly admire. 

  • Choose the 9 adjectives which best fit the attributes of your recipient from the list of 30 adjectives.
  • This gift tin contains a dozen (12) shortbread cookies.
  • Your gift to the recipient will be acknowledged on a special pre-printed card that will be attached to the lid of the tin with your name as the sender.

The "You Inspire Me!" cookie collection was created in honor of the young, heroic, and courageous patients that Wipe Out Kid's Cancer (WOKC) serves. When you purchase a gift tin, 40% of the gross profits will benefit WOKC and their patients. These patients are courageous heroes and our "You Inspire Me" cookie tin proudly honors these inspirational kids with cancer in a unique and special way while sending a message to deserving heroes we all have, who encourage us and make a difference in our lives. 

Available adjectives: authentic, bold, loving, energetic, brave, faithful, kind, joyful, wise, beautiful, humble, smart, fun, gentle, talented, heroic, generous, resolute, strong, organized, friendly, loyal, selfless, patient, merciful, athletic, devoted, committed, gracious and handsome.

How did the "You Inspire Me" Gift Tin become reality? 

It was my good fortune back in 2012 to be introduced to Cindy Brinker Simmons.  Cindy was hosting an annual dinner party and was looking for a caterer.  My business had launched earlier that same year.  Le Gourmet Valet boasted the tag line “Delivering Deliciousness to Dallas,” and I was extremely excited to cater Cindy’s event. Cindy and I immediately clicked.  Since that introduction eight years ago, Cindy quickly became a mentor and friend as well as a client.  Having a cause to support had been a heartfelt pursuit of mine for some time so collaborating with Wipe Out Kids’ Cancer (WOKC), founded in 1980 by my dear friend Cindy, provided that opportunity.  WOKC’s relentless mission is to eradicate pediatric cancer and to increase survival rates for the 43 children who are diagnosed with cancer each day in the U.S.

Cindy and I created the “You Inspire Me!” customized cookie collection, which will be launched in September 2020 as part of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.   WOKC patients are courageous heroes, and our delicious designer shortbread cookie collection will proudly honor these inspirational kids with cancer in a unique and special way while sending a message to deserving heroes we all have who encourage us and make a difference in our lives. 

Each tin of “You Inspire Me!” cookies will have 9 personalized cookies, chosen from a list of 30 available inspirational character attributes, and three “You Inspire Me!” cookies in the middle. WOKC receives 40% of the gross price from every tin sold.  We hope you can taste the love that has gone into these exceptional cookies.  Many thanks for recognizing excellence in the lives of others by sending these cookies to remarkable recipients and, in doing so, supporting the crusade against pediatric cancer!

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Cookies Gift Tins can be shipped nationwide in the United States, however if you are shipping to the east or west coast please place your order on a Monday or Tuesday in order to guarantee freshness. Most orders can be filled within 72 hours.


If you have any questions, call Becky at 214-738-2378 or e-mail

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