Frequently Asked Questions

Cookie Information

  • What ingredients are used in Le Gourmet Baking’s Shortbread Cookies?

    Our shortbread cookies are made with 5 ingredients:  butter, flour, sugar, vanilla and salt. Our recipe measurements have been perfected to deliver you the highest quality, most delicious, and beautiful shortbread cookies!

  • How big are the cookies? 

    The sizes vary depending on the shape. Our most popular are round, approximately 2 inches by ¾ inches.

  • Are Le Gourmet Baking products nut free?

    The shortbread cookies are nut free, however, the kitchen they are cooked in uses nuts in other products.

  • How long do the cookies stay fresh? 

    The cookies stay fresh 7-10 days. They also can be frozen, and when thawed will be as fresh as the day you received them!

Orders and Shipping

  • How can I place a custom order?

    To place a custom order, you can call, email, or fill out the form. If wanting something very specific, please provide color preferences, quantity, shape desired, and a picture for reference. We often base cookies off event invites if you’d like to share that!

  • When should I place my order?

    Custom orders need one week advance notice; if shipping, 10 days. 

  • Can I ship to multiple addresses?

    When shipping cookies to multiple people, you will need to place an order for each delivery location. Or, you can email us here (Contact Us) and we will make sure to process the orders. 

  • How long does it take to receive my order?

    Transit times vary depending on how far the package has to be delivered from our bakery in Dallas, Texas. Packages generally can be expected to arrive between 2-5 business days. Shipping costs and timing will be shown, and can be chosen at checkout. Please note, we are not responsible for packages once they transfer to the carrier. It is then their responsibility to delivery and handle concerns for shipping delays or lost packages.

  • Does someone need to be present for the delivery?

    We don’t require a signature when shipping.

  • How does Le Gourmet Baking Ship?

    We use Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, and Fed Ex. Transit times and costs will be shown, and can be chosen at checkout.

  • Does Le Gourmet Baking Ship Internationally?

    We do not ship internationally or outside the continental U.S. Sorry Alaska and Hawaii!

  • How far in advance do I need to place my order for pickup?

    Non-custom orders require a 3 day advance notice for pick up. Custom orders need one week advance notice for pickup and 10 days for shipping.