LGV State of the Union

As we celebrate our third year of business marked by the launch of our first website, Le Gourmet Valet, would like to say a special thank you to our friends and fans.  It’s been a wonderful journey filled primarily with establishing new relationships, renewing relationships and building on existing relationships!  To us, this is the heart of any business!

Over this period of time, it has been my great fortune to meet and work for the finest individuals and families in Dallas…many whose ancestors were Dallas pioneers and so many who contribute in magnificent ways to make a difference to the city today.   Although we each are cut from different cloths, the bonding values we absolutely share are the importance of the family and the importance of enjoying simple, fresh foods at dinner time or any special occasion. 

In recognizing this milestone, we reflect on from where Le Gourmet Valet has come.  Pre-website, 2011, LGV offered gourmet gift baskets and a variety of baked goods, specializing in desserts.  Then we added the gift meal combining home-cooked meals with taking care of others during challenging and celebratory times.  The summer of 2012, I took a call from a current client’s assistant who wanted to know if LGV provided meals on a weekly basis.  A week later, we began providing the meal delivery service.  The shortbread cookie was introduced about the same time when we were accepted as a vendor at St. Michael’s Farmers Market.  We needed a local product to sell and one that wouldn’t melt in the summer heat!  Our not too sweet shortbreads were unique (3/4 inch thick) and perfect for customizing.  These were a keeper!  Once established as a service which provides tasty meals, we began getting requests to cater; catering was then added to the website.   

Where am I going with all this?  LGV has zigged and zagged from the beginning…a common and essential pattern for start-ups…and is now taking another zag.

The shortbread cookies will debut in the Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog dropping in October and will be sold online as of mid-September.  Lisa Stafflebach, the artisan behind perfecting the shortbread, and I are gearing up the kitchen to ensure the success of this exciting opportunity.   There is no greater complement to our product than to be included in this epic retailer’s gourmet gift section!  A dream come true!  (I was Marketing intern for Neiman’s in ’78…coming full circle you might say!)

A little zig…We have also watched the catering business grow and realize its importance. Therefore,  due to staff, time and space limitations, we must realign our business plan.  The adjustment will take place in the frequency of meals delivered weekly.  Beginning the week of September 7, meals will be offered 2 days per week.  We apologize for the inconvenience this change will create for some of our most loyal families.  It was not an easy or quick decision to come by however it is necessary for many reasons.

When possible, please spread the word to your friends about our shortbreads earning a spot in Neiman Marcus Christmas Book!  Cheers!  

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