Welcome and Bon Appetit

The Fuzzy Robe Society enters the phenomenal cyber world of blogs and we are thrilled to be here!

Are you wondering from whence The Fuzzy Robe Society name comes?  It may appear to have nothing to do with food…ohhh, but it does!  Think “Comfort” as in comfort food, unpretentious yet wonderfully satisfying.  Now think comfort clothes…comfort-able! Unpretentious yet wonderfully satisfying!

Writing our blog is great chance to relate to you on a more personal level.  We like to do this by sitting at our laptops in our most comfy comfort clothes, sometimes eating favorite comfort foods and our favorite comfort drinks!

My most comfy comfort clothing is my warm, cozy, fuzzy robe!  I love it!

I love waking up in the morning, slipping into Fuzzy Robe and heading straight to my DeLonghi coffee pot.  Or at the end of the day, snuggling into my fuzzy robe in front of the fire and tying up the day’s loose ends usually involving this laptop and sipping on a red blend.  I lose track of time in my Fuzzy Robe!  Unpretentious yet wonderfully satisfying!

Back to names… Le Gourmet Valet, came to me on a morning meditative walk, days after a friend’s horrific mugging/robbery in Whole Food’s parking lot in early 2010.  This gruesome personal attack shook up not only Jil’s friends and family but thousands of others who received her descriptive email, heightening our awareness of how far a desperate person will go for drug money.  My friend mentioned hiring a” personal valet”, thus avoiding the potential hazards and hassles of life in 2010!  As I pondered over Jil’s email, Le Gourmet Valet appeared on my mental dashboard!  This was it…it evoked the image I had been searching for! Think of us as couriers of kindness through delicious treats and foods…with a deeper mission of empowering and supporting women whenever possible!  We are passionate about both!

What to expect from The Fuzzy Robe Society …Amy and I want to know you and you know us…we will include personal vignettes, cover food trends, share recipes, and much more.  After you throw on “your fuzzy robe”, let us hear from you and whatever you do, continue to treat others as you like to be treated.  If the world did this, what would happen?


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