Pucker Up

February 14, 2012

My favorite minor holiday of the year is here.  I love it even when my kids and canines are my #1’s!

On a different note of red hearts and white lacey doilies; did you know it is grapefruit season?  It’s hard to miss since grocery stores are featuring them in their prime space as they do with whatever is in season.  At Sprouts where I shop for my veggies and fruits, they “display” them Jacuzzi -tub -style and all but give them away!  I see customers buying 25 at a time!  I wonder what in the world do they do with all those grapefruit!  I love juicy, sweet ruby reds but really!

She told me they eat 2 a day!

The other day, I was driving north on Harry Hines and noticed a produce vendor truck parked on the edge of parking lot.  It had large yellow mesh bags of grapefruit hanging from its sides.  I immediately went into a time warp.  Grapefruit get me gushy; when I see grapefruit, I see my Dad. 

Dad was a travelling sales man for Johns Manville most of his life.  He started with them right after graduating from University of Alabama.   He and my mom were soon transferred to Texas.   In the 60’s and early 70’s, Dad’s territory included Brownsville, Harlingen and McAllen.   When it was time to call on customers at this time of year, he would bring home a big yellow mesh bag of Ruby Reds…I am guessing a 25 pounder.

So for the next month, our family of 5 had grapefruit every breakfast.  Mom had a couple of nifty grapefruit utensils…the serrated grapefruit knife and a plastic crochet needle looking one.   This “crochet needle” allows one to remove the grapefruit skin easily and pull apart the sections.  Eating entire sections of grapefruit, IF the grapefruit is sweet and juicy, is THE BEST way.   My dad agreed.  He would peel and section the grapefruit prior to us arriving at the breakfast table.  He later loved to do that for Ellan, my daughter, once he knew how much she loved sectioned grapefruit.

I realize what a gift of love my dad gave me.  Not only some fresh picked grapefruit from the Valley but his loving gesture of wanting us to enjoy these delectable fruits, effortlessly and in his company.   A sweet memory on this sweetest day of the year.  Happy Valentines!



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