Barefoot Contessa with Diane Keaton

Wishing you could shop at The Barefoot Contessa in East Hampton?  Here’s how!

My inspiration, Ina Garten ( became owner of Barefoot Contessa in 1978.  In 1978, I was completing my undergrad at SMU unaware if childhood dreams might ever be fulfilled and much less who or if I would marry.

What goal and dream has Ina not reached???  Met the love of her life, Jeffrey, at 15, earned her MBA grad from George Washington University, a licensed pilot, home remodeler and flipper,  adviser to Presidents Ford and Carter, a gutsy business lady who low balls purchase of specialty food shop without prior experience nor culinary training resulting in food celeb status and cookbook genius and best seller.  It is indisputable, Ina is an amazing individual!

A dream of mine that can NEVER come to fruition is to shop at the Barefoot Contessa!  The popular East Hampton store permanently closed in 2004.  So sad!  However, if you are like me and never physically got in the doors of Barefoot Contessa, did you know you the store was The Take-Out featured in the movie Something’s Gotta Give?  Well, it is! The  store had become such a landmark gathering place for the rich and famous that director Nancy Meyers chose to use the store in her 2003 movie.

You can see Ina’s cookbooks and other hints of Barefoot Contessa & Ina if you pause or rewind and look carefully as Diane Keaton, Jack Nicholson, Frances McDormand and Amanda Peet stroll through the store and pick up dinner in an early scene.  There are 2 scenes shot in the store with great footage of counters, signage, products, shelving, and friendly, French speaking behind-the-counter assistance in a red Barefoot Contessa apron.  Imagine you are there!  I do all the time!

Erica Shopping and Harry about to butt bump Erica in The Barefoot Contessa, Something’s Gotta Give, 2003
Erica giving Harry a hard time at The Barefoot Contessa. Notice the back, top shelf and whose cookbooks reside on it. Something’s Gotta Give, 2003
Erica Berry (Diane Keaton) picking up her dinner from Le Gourmet Valet…I mean, The Barefoot Contessa! Something’s Gotta Give, 2003
The store is exactly as I imagined before seeing the movie!  This is an indirect way to have a dream lived out, don’t you think!

A  dream that has actualized is starting my own business centered around preparing and delivering wholesome, tasty meals for those who do not have time simultaneously promoting thoughtfulness through giving gourmet gifts and treats.  I am thankful for Ina who spoke “to me” at a luncheon that fateful day in 2003; she is responsible for helping me fulfill a dream of my own and thankful to Nancy Meyers for leaving Ina’s fans a chance to see the Barefoot Contessa legacy whenever we want!  How easy is that!

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