Aunt Dee Dee’s Cheese Straws

For my first post for Le Gourmet Valet’s blog, I wanted to share one of our family favorites, cheese straws (mostly so I could have an excuse to eat a whole batch). I did a little research about where these cheese straws originated from and found out they were Britain’s creation to go with their cocktails. Apparently not everyone knows what these are! I thought they were a Texas and southern tradition that all Grandmas made. The recipe is a little labor intensive and requires a cookie press. It also contains some cayenne so it’s got a little kick. Here’s how to make the perfect salty and cheesy treat.


1 lb grated NY Sharp Cheddar (yellow/orange)

2 c flour (sifting optional)

2 T unsalted butter, melted

½ t cayenne (red pepper) OR to taste

Kosher salt


Put cheese in bowl.  Pour in melted butter.  Use your hands to mix cheese, butter, and flour.  Put pepper into flour then sift a little flour at a time into cheese.  Warm mixture to soften (defrost mode) in microwave for approximately one minute.

Keep adding and working until pretty soft.  Treat it like dough and work on counter.  Can take some elbow grease.

Load the dough into the cookie press. Make sure you use the small star cut out. Press onto cookie sheets. Preheat oven to 325 and bake 30-45 mins. Watch carefully. Salt while warm.  Cool on cookie sheet.

*Nanna mentions on her recipe that before there were microwaves, one would set bowl in sink of hot water!


(I use this vintage cookie press borrowed from my aunt, but you can get the more modern ones here.)

Yum! Cooked to perfection. You want them a tad bit browned but not too crispy.

Perfect to share with a roomie, neighbor, or friend! Hopefully, we can revive this southern favorite.

XO,   Ellan

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