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Welcome and Bon Appetit

The Fuzzy Robe Society enters the phenomenal cyber world of blogs and we are thrilled to be here!

Are you wondering from whence The Fuzzy Robe Society name comes?  It may appear to have nothing to do with food…ohhh, but it does!  Think “Comfort” as in comfort food, unpretentious yet wonderfully satisfying.  Now think comfort clothes…comfort-able! Unpretentious yet wonderfully satisfying!

Writing our blog is great chance to relate to you on a more personal level.  We like to do this by sitting at our laptops in our most comfy comfort clothes, sometimes eating favorite comfort foods and our favorite comfort drinks!

My most comfy comfort clothing is my warm, cozy, fuzzy robe!  I love it!

I love waking up in the morning, slipping into Fuzzy Robe and heading straight to my DeLonghi coffee pot.  Or at the end of the day, snuggling into my fuzzy robe in front of the fire and tying up the day’s loose ends usually involving this laptop and sipping on a red blend.  I lose track of time in my Fuzzy Robe!  Unpretentious yet wonderfully satisfying!

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