Feeling Absolutely Fava, Darling

Trying new foods adds variety to life!

A New Food for me this week was Fava beans which seem appropriate given January/February, the food magazines and writers are talking soups, chowders, stews, chili, and beans.   Tis the season!

Predictably, I am wearing My Fuzzy Robe as I write WITH the overhead ceiling fan on high as Dallas experiences a heat wave.  Between hot flashes and 78 degrees, My Fuzzy Robe still comforts. But occasionally am forced to unbelt and begin flapping the sides creating an additional air cooling system like Granny Nelson used to do with her dress hem and apron on hot day in her steamy Gulf Shores kitchen.  

Wintery weather or not, I pull out the bag of Bob’s Red Mill Premium Quality Fava Beans recently purchased. I prefer simple foods so I chose to get intimate with the Fava, not cover up its flavor.  I followed Bob’s basic directions. 


Toss in rinsed beans after water comes to a boil; simmer 45 minutes.  That is it!  Really Bob?  Well, first of all 45 minutes did and not work for my Favas.  Mine needed to simmer 1 ½ hours.  I know they are not supposed to be mushy but neither should they be crunchy or mealy.  You have to add salt pepper which is not mentioned.  In addition, I added Tablespoon of good quality olive oil.

They are definitely hardy!  One can feel the fiber clearing the way as it moves down the gulley pipe.  They remind me of the limas my Mom use to serve but far better. 

I like the favas but always more fun to enjoy with others so last night with mom in town for my sister’s 60th, 6 of us gathered around my Splendid Table.  Menu:  Birria (Mexican pot roast), mixed green salad, favas and coconut cupcakes.  Hands down, the Favas were the favorite of the night.   The thick liquor created and meaty taste could have stood alone with a loaf of crusty bread and the red table wine.

Although the Fava cannot convert me over from my Southern and Southwestern bean preferences, I will add the ancient favas info my winter menu rotation when the temps drop or as in this freaky winter, January/February arrive.

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