Dot to Dot

Connections…how critical to where we have gone and where we will go!  Last weekend, I joined my dear friends Jenn and Mike along with their son Franklin for dinner at Dough’s. See the poor quality photo my Blackberry took of the scrumptious eggplant and mushroom pizza scarfed down!  Check out Dough’s this weekend if you can!  There were families and couples galore.  Atmosphere, Service and Food were all fab!

Jennifer and I have remained best friends since we pledged Kappa at SMU in 1976. We have been through a lot…very difficult times to the very best.  Franklin, who I saw come into the world some 30 years ago, married the love of his life in December.  Chandler was worth the wait and so it has added to Our Very Best List!

Carol Haugh Brejot, another pledge sister, has rekindled our friendship on recent visits to Dallas.  She reconnected some Sisters for Happy Hour and since then she has been one of LGV’s biggest fans among refound friendships.   Thanks Carol!

Today, I am meeting with Natalie.  Natalie is connected to Carol through Natalie’s mom.  Natalie is a SMU student who writes a serious food blog,  She wants to taste our shortbreads and learn more about LGV.  I can’t wait to meet her; after reading her blog, I know I have lots to learn about this medium so her young energy will be wonderful to be around! 

It is cool enough that Natalie and I were connected by a mutual friend, but the connections go further.  In 1983, I worked with her grandmother, the late Betty Hawkins, as an employment recruiter.  Lots of overlapping connections and interests to cover!

Connecting to you via blog is muy importante!  For me, It empowers one’s voice; a voice I have not always had.   My warm fuzzy robe is on…robes have always been an important companion of mine and a comfort zone.  My voice…not so much!  Not until 6 years ago, when my husband of 24 years walked away from our marriage.  The pain and grieving were real and harsh.  The only message and voice I knew then regarding marriage was “til death do you part”.  I thought we were connected in ways which insured never separating.  The problem was I only thought…

If you can relate to this, let me hear from you!  Let’s empower one another to speak up…to be heard…to be true to us…let’s connect!

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