March (Wedding) Loveness

Still in my warm fuzzy robe, sipping on my coffee sent from NYC son, a Columbian Vienna, I can’t wait to share what I have been up to this weekend.

It centered on another Texas size wedding in San Antonio of long time friend’s daughter, Emily Hendry.  Knowing Emily since before she could boot scoot and knowing she would be granted the fairy tale wedding (being an only child and all) last weekend’s dates have been greatly anticipated.

San Antonians know how to throw a wedding!  The 09’er (as in 78209), where I grew up yet many, many miles from a membership of the historic and prestigious private dinner club, The Argyle, was the reception’s destination.

Lavish wedding receptions take place in this 1854 outpost of Texas hospitality, including Emily Hendry and William Cage’s.  Robert E Lee was an Argyle guest and when you stroll onto the grounds of this 160 year old mansion, you can imagine the carriages, dazzling gowns and strong whisky served in high balls.

Last Saturday, my family participated…on many levels…(please ask!) with a contemporary version of these 19th Century times!  Ice sculptures, chandeliers hanging in the massive tent, 9 bars, 3 buffets, canapés (my favorite being the quail wrapped in bacon!) and light sparkling champagne greeting us.

As with so many grand weddings these days, the live music can separate the men from the boys.  The 14 piece band from Atlanta had the John Wayne effect on me!  Huge sounds and harmonies for us to dance our hearts out until the stroke of midnight.


Too bad the multi colored dance floor was not big enough for this dance happy crowd!  I heard Mama Hendry was not happy and who could blame her with the numbers expected!  A definite slip up on the Event Rentals part…In the end, it didn’t really matter!  It was about bringing together two deeply in love young people and two very special families!  Grand Finale: sweet princess Emily was carried off in her new hubby’s hunting “Just Married Carriage” adorned with massive white garlands of beautiful hydrangeas, roses and orchids, eventually to the white sands and honeymoon destination of St. Lucia.

Too many details to share but more than the beauty and pomp, the welcomeness, graciousness and genuine gratefulness shown to all 1000 of us choosing to spend the evening with their families for this lovely and loveable couple brought me home feeling welcomed, appreciated and a part of something very special!

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