Sonic, the Wonder Dog!








Feeling so many emotions tonight.  I planned to highlight the last supper of my Gonzales Cousin Reunion in Orange Beach.  However,

yesterday we lost our favorite family pet, Sonic!  He was 13 years young.   Our family won him at a School Auction in 1999 and our hearts were forever Sonic-fied!  A ball of blonde fur, Sonic arrived at our country home with a red and white handkerchief, tied around his fluffy neck.  Sweet, irresistible and adorable describes our family’s newest addition!

Yet far from perfect…head strong and a  massive extrovert; Sonic loved people so much that when our kids were at school, Sonic would sneak off our 3 acres responding to the faint sounds of pre-school laughter.   Playmates!  Who cares about food and water!   Boys and girls who would throw him a tennis ball or stick were all that mattered.
Playing fetch was his rocky mountain high!  Our back yard sported hundreds of post oaks.  Sonic could chase down a tennis ball and catch it in mid air going full speed without smashing into a tree!  Impossible!

During the warm months, Sonic would play fetch with himself.  He  nudged a tennis ball off our pool’s waterfalls and then leap in after it.  He could shag 3 at a time and would dive under for those that were punctured and starting to sink.  He would do this all day long unless we forced him inside for naps and meals!

Sonic’s playful spirit and love for people did make us all wonder!  How does he do it?  How can any animal or person be so happy 365 days of the year?!   A mystery that will keep us wondering for a long, long time!  Love You Sonic!  Your Mom


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