S.M.U. Fortune 500 #1

Jenn and Me 1977

Nostalgia and sentimentality swooshes through me this morning, similarly to Typhoon Haikui swooshing on Shanghai last night. I wouldn’t know this if my daughter, Whitney, had not emailed me at 1:12 a.m., regarding her flight delay, as she travels Japan and China with her Boston U. buddy, Jessica Li.

Sentimentality is a powerful thing and, at times, can be a bit dangerous, again like Typhoon Haikui, a red alert, the highest level of China’s 4-color warning system!  Not a place to purposely stay!

Young professionals in ’79

Sentimentality is dangerous when we get stuck there…My 20’s don’t seem that long ago…they were wonderful, carefree years!  I want to go and stay there this morning, tonight, tomorrow!  I am up to this risk in la-la-land!

What prompted this latest flash of the past was my college best friend’s 6 posts made yesterday on Le Gourmet Valet!   Getting this gift from Jennifer is better than NorthPark Gold!  Having my friend’s support means everything!  I would not be starting a business without my Fortune 500 Friends!  There are not 500…but it feels like it…gosh it may be a dozen or two or 10…I don’t want to stop and count…I just know it feels amazing!

Jennifer Beall Hatchett and I met at SMU as Kappa pledge sisters in 1975!  We pledged January of our freshman year.  I had never laid eyes on Jennifer before we ended up on the front steps of 3110 Daniels Ave.  It was a magical time, pledging Kappa and gratefully, this magic did not “Poof Away”.  Our friendship is more like sisters now…seeing each other as often as possible when she is in Dallas, having a room to stay in their Jacksonville home,  spending time with them in Florida last summer, having Jennifer play Nurse for me after double bunion surgery in ’08, not to mention being part of each other’s weddings and children’s lives more than any other friend.

Lakeway in the early 80’s

In ’75, Jennifer was a beautiful, slow talking, fast moving (in her sporty white Comet GT!), East Texas girl.   I think what drew me to her was her easy going smile, low keyed personality, and down home genuineness.  No pretension surrounding this SMU coed!

2011 Blue Mountain, Florida

That was almost 40 years ago…I am thankful to have these photos to take me back to these glorious days!

I’ve enjoyed this brief escape from typhoons and baking short breads.  Now back to rolling out more dough and the reality of my life today!



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