Waldemar, Food and Lucille B. Smith

My parents at Waldemar 2002 with camper grands!

The Texas Hill Country holds a special place in my heart…a mere 1.5 hours drive from San Antonio made it a convenient weekend getaway but what drew our family there year after year after year (about 20!) was Camp Waldemar, in Hunt.

The photos and memorabilia saved from when I attended and when my 2 daughters  attended are mainly of cabin mates, Green, Orange and Purple Field Days and end of camp activities, like the photo above.

Very few photos of food.  However, food was and is a HUGE part of the Waldemar experience!  Not  just any ol’ camp food, mind you.  Waldemar hires the best chefs available regionally.

In the 1960’s, Lucille B. Smith was Waldemar’s head chef.  After an extra spectacular meal,  the Dining Room Hall filled with 300 campers would break out clapping and chanting  “We’ll cheer for Lucille, we’ll cheer for Lucille, we’ll cheer, cheer, cheer, we’ll cheer for Lucille and because she is so fine, we will cheer her all the time, we’ll cheer, cheer, cheer for Lucille”.

1970 Waldemar food was a big deal!
1970 scrapbook page…evidence of Waldemar’s food focus

She was a VIP at Waldemar and it seems to me, Lucille rated #2 to owner, Doris Johnson.  That is pretty high up there if you know about the 86 year old history of Waldemar!  During our 6 week term, a day was set aside solely to celebrate and acknowledge Chef Lucille.   http://www.waldemar.com/Content/AboutUs/AboutUs.asp?Link=History

A sampler of Waldemar desserts…blarney stones topped with homemade coffee ice cream, cherry squares, apple crisp and chocolate fudge pie.  All Lucille originals and still served each summer.  If you are an ex-camper, what were your favs?  Fortunately, Lucille, a very forward thinking woman in her day, created a Treasure Chest of Fine Foods/Recipes allowing us to recreate her yummy creations.  Thank you Waldemar for making delicious food a priority… and for talented chefs, such as Lucille B. Smith.

Photo of Lucille in her Treasure Chest of Recipes, 1960’s



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