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I love birthdays

February is marked with many favorite dates for me…it’s Valentine’s which I absolutely adore, my sister’s birthday, Super Bowl, Mardi Gras and the Oscars!  All of these are events I enjoy celebrating on some level and insures February will speed by and March marches in before you know what has hit you!

Well, back to birthdays and my sister!  The 6th, Cathy’s birthday, fell on Wednesday.  We gathered at my nieces for a delicious meal prepared lovingly by my Jessica and Amanda.  You’ll ALWAYS find the following party fare at My sister’s birthdays:  artisan cake a la Jess, ice cream, decorations, banners, party favors, flowers, noise makers, wine, hummus and carrots, Jess at the stove, Amanda greeting guests and keeping glasses full, Whitney, my daughter,  thrilled to just be there rather than think about her unending reading assignments from law school, Tony, her hubby, Ashton, their grandson, a dog or two, Jess’s Dan, and me.  The men take longer to gather.  For some reason, they don’t find The Birthday quite the natural high as us chicas!

Birthdays cannot just come and go! It is a big deal and that’s how it was for our family growing up!  I always thought I had the best birthday parties on earth even though I am not sure we ever did anything but invite friends over to our home, play games my mother planned and eat birthday cake…cake my mom baked and decorated, never, never store or bakery bought!

Well, I am about celebrating life these days every chance I can get…celebrating my sister’s life who is a best friend since moving to Dallas 20 years ago!  And watching Cathy celebrate life is a high in itself…she loves to dance…finding every excuse to jive and get down.  It’s fun to watch her funky moves…it’s fun to be with her…it’s fun to have family to celebrate with!  Here’s a little clip of us  dancing the night away! Happy Birthday Cathy!